2 real Farms situated in Nwfeiba – Bonsukuo in the Central Region of Ghana –is a Sustainable, Socially Responsible Permaculture Production Zone

With responsible crop management practices we have become key players in supplying high quality organic crops to farmers markets. The produce coming from 2real Farms go through multiple procedures to see to it that it meets the consumer’s demands in terms of quality and taste. We have developed the right methods for producing high quality crops free from any kind of foreign material.

LiveStock (Chicken)
Employing strict rules in the rearing and cleaning of our chickens 2 Real Farms will see to it that you receive what you were expecting for in terms of quality. Our goal is to produce premium stock without compromising our values or the environment.

We are committed to doing our part to preserve the fragile ecosystem in which we live and operate. We embrace many agronomic practices designed to protect the environment, limit soil erosion, and preserve native tropical vegetation.

We closely follow the latest research and recommendations from Food Sovernigty Ghana to ensure optimum plant propagation, plant density, pest control, nutrition, shade, pruning, soil and water management, and waste management. Adopting the latest agronomic innovations and optimizing production allows us to both increase yield and quality.